Rescuing the LA Dodgers!

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LA Dodgers - Citi Field - Wild Tonic - Jun Kombucha

Rescuing the LA Dodgers!

Not too long ago, the LA Dodgers took a liking to Wild Tonic. After getting hooked on our Jun, they wanted to bring it on the road with them. Everything was running swimmingly, until one of their orders didn’t arrive! Not only were they about to leave for the airport, they were on their way to New York to play the Mets! We decided that there was no way we were going to let the Dodgers down! We left our headquarters in Arizona that evening with 4 coolers filled with 8 cases of Wild Tonic! On a red-eye flight we traveled all night, and arrived the next morning.

Upon our arrival at Mets stadium (Citi Field), the Dodgers were ecstatic! They were extremely grateful for the effort we made to get Wild Tonic to them. Health Coach, Brandon McDaniel, said that no one had ever done anything like this for them before. They invited us onto the field for their batting practice. J.P Howell thanked us for our efforts to take care of the team and said that Wild Tonic “keeps him going” and “is a part of his routine.”

Bee Wild, Drink Wild with the LA Dodgers! 

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